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Discover the beautiful flora and fauna of Oostzaan from close up


Rent a canoe

There’s nothing like a canoe trip to dicover the flora and fauna of the Oostzanerveld from close up. Come and immerse yourself in the great outdoors and get fit at the same time!

We have a selection of one person sit-on-top canoe’s which you can rent alone or as a group. Or you can rent an Otter, which is a very stable canoe boat for maximum 3 people.

We supply water barrels which make it possible to take your belongings/lunch with you.

All our sit- on-top canoes have a recommended maximum capacity of up to 100kg.  

Otter canoe boat

The Otter is a very stable 2-3 person canoe boat, which makes it an ideal canoe to paddle together with friends or family.

The advantages of the Otter in comparison to the sit-on-top canoes is that there is more space for belongings. And because it is so stable, you are able to make longer trips. There is also no weight limit on this canoe. 

de otter kanoboot

Book a canoe

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Canoe rental costs

Including paddle and life jacket if required

Per hour

Day rental

Day rental


On arrival we will provide a map of the area, with which you can navigate through the Oostzanerveld. It is also possible to canoe to the Jagersplas.

plaatje Oostzanerveld


From the boarding point you canoe directly into the Oostzanerveld, this is a unique peat meadow area. This protected nature reserve is a natural habitat for many birds, and livestock of farmers who ensure that the natural environment is maintained. For instance there are many cows, sheep, goats and horses. Canoeing through the Oostzanerveld is therefore relaxing but also very interesting.


The Jagersplas is located in the Jagersveld, where many people come when the weather’s good. At the lake it’s also possible to moor the canoe at a beach and take a refreshing dip in the water. Or just relax on the water’s edge and watch the world go by!

de jagersplas

Varen in Oostzaan

Naast de kanoverhuur bieden wij ook ruime rubberboten te huur aan en geven groepsativiteiten. 

DSB550 rubber boats

Our most rented boat is the DSB550, this is a spacious boat with a capacity for 8 people. The boat is equipped with an 8hp outboard motor.

Varen in Oostzaan

In addition to our canoe’s, we also rent out spacious rubber boats and organise specialised group activities.

Group activities

Looking for a fun group outing on the water? Then look no further! We can organise various group activities depending on your requirements.

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